First, Orange is the New Black. For a long time I was like “NO, I’m not gonna watch that show”. I just 
thought “how could I possibly like a show that’s played out in a womens prison?!”. Anyway… Then my boyfriend 
asked me if I wanted to start watching it and I thought “sure, we’ll give it one episode”. Soooo… That same night 
we watched 4 episodes in a row, lol. Now we’re close to the end of season three, meaning, soon we’ll have to 
wait for season 4 to start… Ugh. ANYWAY what I wanted to tell you guys is; give this show a try even if you’re 
sceptic. It’s really interesting, smart and very often funny. It’s become one of my all-time favorite shows. 

Ps, anyone who’s already watching it? Got a favorite? Mine is Red. 

My second favorite show at the moment is Scandal. My boyfriend continuously makes fun of me 
for watching this show, because he thinks it’s “soooooo dramatic” and a show for lonely grandmas’,
 lol. BUT HEY I LOVE IT. It’s exciting, interesting and has the best cliffhangers. So bummed out
 though that we have to wait until February for the next episode. Ugh, it’s such a long time… 


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