Ah, Paris <3
LOVE this. 
I have no idea where this is, but it looks amazing. I wanna go there.
Marble with gold vein, gorgeousness.
Beautiful, beautiful tulips.
Anine Bing in the most perfect outfit, ever.
Avocado on toast, yummie.
New York, New York.
Where can I find a skull like this? I’ve wanted one just like this for so long…
This is just SO beautiful.
My favorite flowers in my favorite color.
All images via Pinterest.


  1. 08/22/2015 / 10:43

    All of this is so pretty!allthingsfoxyy.blogspot.co.ukEmma x

  2. 08/22/2015 / 18:20

    I bought a skull like that in NY. Came in different sizes, it's a liquor/vodka bottle.

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