Last Sunday night me and my boyfriend woke up in Stockholm where we’d been since
Wednesday. In the evening we drove north to Grisslehamn where we took the Eckerö
ferry to Eckerö, Åland. It was so beautiful to be out at sea in the sunset. 

When we arrived in Åland we drove around for a couple of hours to find a good spot 
to park on, since we were gonna be adventurous and sleep in the car. We slept in the car 
(it was so cozy!) and woke up the next morning to the view above – how beautiful!? 
We sat there in the woods admiring the view quite some time…
…until we decided to go and buy us some breakfast, that we enjoyed by the water in some 
park (?) in the middle of Mariehamn (largest city in Åland – or is it only city even..?). 

Later on we met up with some of my boyfriends friends for lunch at Dino’s. 

After lunch we did a 2 hours tour of Åland. It was quick, but we got to see a lot! Åland is beautiful.

Later on we decided to take a ferry to Finland. We then spent the rest of the day on
Viking Grace (beautiful cruise ship btw!). We soaked some sun on the sun deck and had
burgers for dinner (I was so happy when they had gluten-free burgers). 
When we got to Finland we spent the rest of the night in the car, driving home. 
And that was our mini-trip to Åland. It was my first time there, but I’ll surely 
return someday. It’s such a peaceful and beautiful little island, perfect for relaxing.


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