I recently got contacted by a company based in Taiwan that wanted me to try out one of their bags. The brand 
is called CiPU, and the bag I got to review is the one that you can see in the picture above. The CiPU bags are meant 
for women, and especially mothers. The bag is really lightweight, I mean REALLY, which is great. The material of the 
bag is water repellent – which is very practical. The bag contains 3 smaller bags + 1 waterproof cushion – it really 
is meant for mothers, it’s perfect to bring with you as a mother if you’re going out somewhere with your child/children! 
Now, I am not a mother, nor will I be anytime in the near future – but, I will definitely save this bag. I can totally recommend 
it to any mothers or mothers to be. If you’re not a mother, it could make a really great gift for a friend that is a mother. 
You can read more about the CiPU bags HERE and also buy 
them online. The bag I have is in a size L, and the color is black.

(Another CiPU bag, but in silver.)


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