This pic is from the day after I came back to Finland after 2 months in LA. I took a break in sleeping
 (jetlagged, depressed etc. – just wanted to sleep) to just sit on our balcony and think about life.

Two of my favorite bracelets. The blue one I bought on Cyprus (Ayia Napa) in
2008 and the other one at Brandy Melville in Santa Monica, CA last spring.

I had an intense breakdown right around Mothers Day, when I also
realized me and my boyfriend seriously needed to break up, for good. 
I chillaxed a little at home.

I had a fun night out with my good old friend Jonna.

Had some fruit.
I received a cute little package from Gauharshop.

Inside the package? This Daniel Wellington watch <3 
I was out on many powerwalks. It felt like my mind was gonna explode all 
the time, so I just walked, walked, walked to keep busy and calm myself down.
I spoiled my skin with this one. Coconut Passion is my fave Victorias Secret scent!

I read this book while tanning on the balcony. It’s a really great book!

I wore my new favorite sweater A LOT (bought it on sale at H&M in Beverly Center in LA).

I took a selfie, ofc.

I had pizzaaaaaaaa <3

I wore my new Nike Pro shorts to the gym.

More powerwalking…


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