I’m a girl who likes to know everything, about everything. I’m always researching something or being obsessed with something. I’m honestly scared my head is gonna explode someday, there’s so much in it, lol. One of my favorite research areas is astrology. Astrology is so fascinating! I’m also one of the weirdest zodiac sun sign-combos, which makes this whole astrology-research interest of mine even more interesting. I’m born on the Scorpio/Sagittarius zodiac sign cusp, the “cusp of revolution”, meaning I’m both a Scorpio and a Sagittarius. Which basically means I’m a total weirdo. Scorpio is a water sign, while Sagittarius is a fire sign – so, that’s a total clash making us “Scorsagiuns” people with very complex personalities, and we’re often misunderstood.  

Scorpio/Sagittarius zodiac sign

Here are some facts about the Scorpio/Sagittarius zodiac sign: 

  • Date range: November 19 to November 24 (personally, I’m born on the first day of the cusp – which makes me more of a Scorpio)
  • “Full of strength and rebellious energy”
  • Their personality is characterized by rebelliousness against authority
  • “Scorsagiuns” who learn to balance their complex personalities are well-liked and appreciated for their good humor and open minds
  • Very determined and refuse to give up- they seek to know and learn everything – eager and inspirational, love action, and getting things started.
  • Rulers: Mars + Pluto, and Jupiter.
Scorpio/Sagittarius zodiag sign
  • Modes: feeling/intuition- sensitive, intuitive, and likely to have a lot of nervous energy- many born on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp are prone to wildness, particularly in their youth when they are perhaps painfully aware of being unlike other people.  Therefore, they may not even bother to prepare themselves for a more conventional life.
  • Scorpio/Sagittarians are motivated and loyal, but they are often misunderstood, and others may see them as dictatorial or sarcastic.
  • Scorpio/Sagittarians aspire to be the phoenix or eagle, rising above the ordinary world and into something extraordinary.
  • In love relationships, Scorpio/Sagittarians are flirtatious, playful, caring, and possessive.
  • Their great love of knowledge and exploration makes them one of the most learned characters of the zodiac.
  • Strengths: energetic, adventurous, powerful, accomplished, generous, passionate, humorous.
  • Weaknesses: secretive, selfish, rebellious, wild, aggressive, blunt, misunderstood.
Scorpio/Sagittarius zodiac sign
  • What do they love? Freedom. Don’t try to box in a freedom-loving Scorpio-Sagittarius cusper! Their intense passion and need for action cannot and will not surrender to being controlled!
  • What do they need? To be self-employed. Conflict can arise with authority figures because of this cusper’s rebellious nature and forthright manner, so they are better off working independently – as well as putting their efforts toward a humanistic cause they are passionate about.
  • Those born on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp seek the truth and the meaning of life, and they love to explore through knowledge. They are investigative and probing, often strongly intuitive and penetrating.
  • Of the type that can succeed at whatever he or she might undertake. Would rather be either very poor or very rich, no middle-class. Moral questions are important, they strive to be honest. Many are natural comedians and are often exaggerating their adventures to entertain others. Fond of competition.
  • Famous people: Calvin Klein, Tyga, Jodie Foster, Miley Cyrus, John F Kennedy Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Voltaire, Robert F Kennedy, Goldie Hawn, Boris Becker, Indira Gandhi, Larry King, Bjork, Martin Luther, Meg Ryan, Snooki, Patrick Kane, James E. Garfield, Daria Werbowy, Rick Owens, Joe Biden, Selma Lagerlöf, Ken Block, Ville Valo, Steve Angello, Tyler Hilton, Robin Roberts, Billy the Kid.

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So, any readers who are born on this cusp as well? And do you guys want me to write more posts about astrology etc.?  Because I’d love to! Oh and as a disclaimer – please remember that there is so much more to ones astrological chart than just the sun sign, there’s all the other planets in the chart as well. Meaning, you don’t always need to relate to your sun sign traits fully, there are other aspects in your chart affecting you as well, f.ex. me – I have my moon sign in Leo and rising in Virgo, and they of course affect my personality too (not just my Scorpio/Sag sun sign). And so on.

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