Smoothie. Ingredients? Kale, spinach, banana, pineapple + pineapple juice. Very yummy.
Gluten-free crackers with Philadelphia cheese & red pepper. LOVE. This is especially yummy with tea.

Raw & vegan homemade guacamole with carrots.

What I love to have for breakfast.

A salad, you can clearly see what’s in it… Pretty boring salad. But with some olive oil on it it’s okay.

Fruitsalads, LOVE fruitsalads. I used to be addicted to candy, now it’s fruitsalads.
Banana pancakes with vanilla flavored quark & kiwi.
Do I always eat this healthy? Haha I wish. I’m a girl who happens to love sourcream & onion flavored 
chips & cheese doodles, AND pizza ofc. Soooo… Oh, and popcorn! But I don’t eat candy. 

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