In the kitchen. Why the Nike bottle? Spent last night at the gym.

Love this IKEA lamp. I’ve had it for years. 

Decided to bake some super-healthy oatmeal cupcakes. Ingredients? An egg, a banana, cinnamon, water and rolled 
oats. Simple, and quite ok. Would be yummier with apples in them too, maybe? And maybe milk instead of water..?

Seriously, who decorates their home with bras? Apparently, I do. Oh well… It’s pretty!

What my bedroom looks like every morning. I sleep wild (when I sleep alone) so my bed is always a mess.

On my fridge. The NYC cab I’ve bought at JFK airport, the Hollywood card and the fridge magnet 
with the quote, at Barnes & Nobles in LA (the one at The Grove). Nice to have them as memories.
My everyday bag and my gym-shoes.

Friday is for studying. This is what I’m reading. Have to finish these, and write a report on the book to the left.

Fashion books and white flowers <3

A little messy. 

On the wall in my kitchen.

Haha, why I keep a Marimekko shopping bag on top of my fridge? Well, I think it’s stylish.


  1. 10/19/2013 / 03:56

    In love with the bra !!! ;phttp://lifewidmorbid.blogspot.com/

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