1. Last weekend I had my friend Jonna visiting me over the weekend. Friday afternoon we had sushi at a place 
called Magakoro. The sushi there is amaaaaaaazing. 2. In my kitchen, haha. 3. Waiting for my friend at H&M. 4. On Saturday we had pizza for lunch. I had 
a gluten-free pizza with chicken and pineapple, yum. 5. Saturday night we made nacho-plates at my place, so 
good. 6. Also Saturday night. Waiting for Jonna to get ready… Girls and their makeup, haha. Luckily I had 
Instagram, music and wine to keep me company while waiting. 7. Sunday morning was a bitch. Soooo hungover. 
8. We decided to make a fatty brunch. American pancakes with icecream, nutella and some fruit <3
1. Fall is so beautiful this year. 2. Gotta love cozy sweaters. 3. Weird selfie, haha. “Hanna in the oven”. 
4. A lunch at home. Eggs, cucumber and avocado. 5. Buffet-lunch with my friends C & R + little M this Saturday. 
So good. 6. At school this Thursday. 7. The cutest kid ever. And such an iphone-nerd. 8. Today, Sunday walk.

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