My everyday breakfast. Natural yoghurt with almonds, dried cranberries, a banana and flax seeds. Hugely addicitve. 

Fruit salads. I admit, I’m a fruit-addict.

Tuna and/or salmon salads with eggs. Too good.
Gluten-free tuna/tomato pie. Came up with an own recipe, and it’s so good. 

Smoothies. All kinds of smoothies. YUM. 

PIZZA <3 C’mon, people disappoint, pizza is eternal. Give me a huge pizza + a bottle of coke and I’m happy. As you can 
see I like pineapple on my pizzas, and lots of oregano. And lots of cheese, + extra blue cheese if possible. And spinach pizza can be yummy.

Hehehe cupcakes. Preferably Sprinkles gluten-free red velvet cupcakes or my own chocolate cupcakes (to die for!).

Sushi. Spicy salmon-avocado rolls with lots of wasabi = food-porn out of this world <3

Pretty much anything with blueberries. 

Protein bars. So wish we had Luna bars in Finland as well.
I never eat McDonalds, but when I do, it’s McNuggets, with garlic dip.
At restaurants it’s always chicken or fish.

When I feel I deserve something yummy it’s either my favorite 70% dark cocoa mint or “coconut/chocolate balls” that’ll do the trick.

I’m also a big fan of cashews + cottage cheese, cherries and fresh strawberries. Yum yum yum.

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