Mmm SUITS, my absolute favorite at the moment! It’s sexy, smart, well-made, witty, amusing and filled with talented & 
good-looking actors. Lovelovelove. Every character is so damn loveable also. And Harvey, yum. And Mike, also yum. And 
hello Rachel & Donna – girlcruuuuuuush. + Louis is too damn cute. Those of you who haven’t watched this show, please give 
it a try! It’s lawyers, it’s men in suits, it’s money, it’s sex appeal, it’s comedy, it’s New York, it’s smart women… It’s perfection. 

My second favorite tv-show is the awesome Californication. I mean, Hank Moody, the love of my life. Lol! No but hey seriously, 
he’s an artist, a douche – but just sooooo ahmazing. The love he’s got for Karen… Some may find this show disturbing because of 
all the sex, nudity, bad language, drugs etc. etc. but I just think it’s awesome. You gotta have some humour to be able to love this 
show. It’s smart, it’s kind of fucked-up, it’s very LA & California. I mean the surroundings – ah. And when he drives his porsche
and smokes cigarettes and some cool song is playing… Man I’m in love. Can’t wait for the new season!

Revenge. Me likey very much. Always been a fan of Emily VanCamp (used to watch Everwood), and she’s doing an amazing job on 
this show as Emily/Amanda. This show is so exciting, and smart. And the fashion is trés chic. Whoa and how hot is the Brit who’s been playing Aiden!? I die. I love the fact that at the end of every episode you’re like “nooooooo I can’t wait until next week!!!”.

The Vampire Diaries. High-school drama and vampires – how could this show not be entertaining? Love it. It’s an 
incredibly good-looking cast and the Damon+Elena & Klaus+Caroline chemistry is so exciting to watch. And I think 
Nina Dobrev is doing an amazing acting-job. I mean, she does play 2 characters, and she’s doing it really well. 
Sooo, there was my top 4. But let me tell you something, I am the biggest tv-show nerd ever, not even kidding. 
I have no idea how I’ve gotten the time to watch as many shows as I have, but oh well. My 2 favorites ever are always 
gonna be One Tree Hill and The OC – I mean, they got me through the hard times, through high-school. Other good 
classic ones are of course Sex and The City and Friends (both typical girl shows). I’m currently a big fan of Hart of Dixie, 
Revolution, White Collar, The big bang theory, True Blood, Mad Men, Nikita, Arrow, Cougar Town, New Girl, The 
Walking Dead, Person of Interest, Sons of Anarchy, Rizzoli and Isles, NCIS Los Angeles and Two and a half men. 
Those are all shows that I’ve watched every episode of (yup). Other shows that I recommend but I seriously don’t have 
time for (hahaha) are Hawaii 5-0, CSI, How I met your mother, Dexter, 2 broke girls, The mentalist & Grey’s Anatomy. 
I used to watch 90210, Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girls – but they’ve all ended. I’ve watched some episode of 
Game of Thrones, Supernatural & Breaking Bad and think they’re awesome – but hey, ain’t nobody got time for everything. 


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