The Notebook. Come on who didn’t cry watching this movie for the first time? Such a beautiful 
story, beautiful movie. The Rachel + Ryan chemistry is ah-mazing, + I have a girlcrush on 

Factory Girl. 1960’s New York, Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick, Hayden Christensen 
and my #2 girlcrush Sienna Miller – hello, awesome movie. Seriously love it.

The Talented Mr Ripley. LOVE. The surroundings are beautiful, the cast is awesome and the plot is strange – movie 
perfection if you ask me. Oh and Jude Law is the love of my life, so obviously I’m obsessed with every movie he’s in.
Other movies I like are Crazy, Stupid, Love , Gangster Squad, Girl Walks Into a Bar, Inception, The Hangover, 
Pain & Gain, Inglourious Bastards, Australia, all of the Marvel movies and of course, the Harry Potter movies.
What movies do you guys like, 
and would you mind if I got a little bit more personal here on the blog? 

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