(Randoms from my apartment at home)
I’ve been in LA for almost a month and a half now. So… Am I missing home at all? Nah, not really. Feels like I’m 
home here. I love LA so much. Sure, I’m missing some of the people at home, of course (but I’m not missing them 
that much, hehe). I also miss my clothes, and being able to drink the water at home, and having privacy (I am living with 
3 girls in an apartment here in LA, and they’re all nice, but it can be tough for someone who’s used to living with her boyfriend, 
who’s very calm, clean and almost always away at work or school – but hey, I get by, you get used to it). 


  1. 03/11/2013 / 18:51

    Awww your home was is so beautyful! if i were u I would miss it a lot! Actually I really miss my own bedroom when I'm away from home, even because, as you said, I'm used at satyin alone and having people around and no privacy id a bit annoying for me!

  2. 03/12/2013 / 05:24

    Everything looks very crisp and clean! I know it can be a little hard living with roommates and it does take some time getting used to. But it usually works out.-V

  3. 03/12/2013 / 15:51

    have fun in LA Hanna! How long do you plan to stay there?

  4. 03/14/2013 / 20:31

    thanks! hopefully 3 months, but could be 2! so going home again in either two weeks or one month and two weeks :/ 😀

  5. 03/14/2013 / 20:32

    yeah it can really be a bit annoying sometimes :/ but I guess u just have to get used to it 🙂

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