Whenever I travel somewhere I always buy a magazine or two. These two Vogues aren’t exceptions. 
I bought the first one, US Vogue in september 2011 on JFK in New York. I remember sitting and waiting
 for the boarding to start at the gate, and reading this september issue while drinking a skinny vanilla latte
from Starbucks and looking out through the window on the New York City skyline. I remember reading
a story about a woman who survived 9/11 and me then looking at NYC and thinking about how sad 9/11
was and if it weren’t for those attacks, I would be looking at a different skyline, with two more buildings in it. 
The second one, the Paris Vogue 90 years jubilée issue – I bought in Paris during fashion week in 2010.
It was a beautiful day, the sun was out and it was very warm outside (I was actually sweating) and me and my
boyfriend were strolling down Rue de Rivoli down towards Le Louvre. We had just eaten lunch at a brasserie
nearby and were now just gonna go on a sightseeing walk in the nice weather. I saw this cute little, very
Parisian, bookstore that I wanted to check out – and so we did. And it was btw amazing. In that store I also 
found this magazine, which was heavy as fuck and it was horrible to carry it around all over Paris the rest
 of the day. But I’m still glad I bought it. Cuz hey, it’s a jubilée issue, and it’s kind fo awesome.

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  1. 11/13/2012 / 17:10

    I like to buy Vogues from other countries too :)Lea xhttp://shebeginstosee.blogspot.comWhy not check out my Christmas Yankee Candle giveaway?

  2. 11/13/2012 / 20:21

    I must have this Vogue!!! Lovely ♥xxdotsandlaces.blogspot.com

  3. 11/15/2012 / 07:28

    great! I think they feel more special when u buy them abroad 🙂

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