It’s no secret that I love Elin Kling and her style. She’s my #1 style inspiration for sure. 
I’ve been following her blog since she started it, and tho it’s not the best blog, I think she’s
 got the best taste of all the fashion bloggers out there. She likes simplicity and so do I (as you’ve
 probably noticed). My fave outfit of these 3? #3, it’s very Emmanuelle Alt inspired (whose style I
 also absolutely love). Got a fave? And what’s your general opinion on Kling and her style?
Fun fact! My nickname is Kling, haha. But it’s only my bf who calls me that. We’ve been together for 4 years + 
now, and he started calling me kling just a few months after we started dating. Why kling? Well, first he called 
me “älskling”, which is the Swedish word for “honey”. But then it slowly became just “kling”, and that’s the 
word that stuck. So now I’m stuck with the name kling. He never calls me Hanna, only if we’re in a group of 
people, haha. But hey, it’s not that bad to have the same nickname as your #1 style inspiration..?! 


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