As you all know, I like to keep it simple. I’m showing you guys my everyday outfits, 
nothing fancy.  I’m a “less is more” girl, and I prefer basics to glitz and glam. My fave 
outfit ever is skinny jeans, a loose t-shirt, black boots and RayBan wayfarers. When going 
to a party I almost always wear black. A black skirt, a black dress, a black top… Yup. 
Maybe I’m boring. But hey, this is just my style. Anyone can wear what they want, 
whether it’s leopard print, pink fluff or just plain white cotton. Style is personal, 
and what you see here on my blog – is my personal style.



  1. Anonymous
    09/21/2012 / 19:13

    Aaaah, toi asu jossa sul on vaaleet farkut ja harmaa t-paita on yksinkertaisuudessaan ihan täydellinen!<3 Ois muuten kiva nähdä enemmän asukuvia ilman aurinkolaseja… 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    09/21/2012 / 19:21

    miks sulla muuten on joka kuvassa aurinkolasit ? :DD

  3. 09/21/2012 / 19:26

    Så snyggt! Love minimalism! Skinny jeans, tee och ett par klackar kan vara det enklaste o snyggaste som finns!

  4. Anonymous
    09/21/2012 / 20:00

    I definitely agree! I'm pretty much black and white 🙂 The last one is my fav!

  5. 09/21/2012 / 20:06

    sista outfiten med ett par kängor<3

  6. 09/22/2012 / 12:31

    Mun mielest sun kannattais joskus kokeilla jotain erilaista. Jotain mikä pukis sua hyvin, koska sullahan on vielä niin hyvä kroppakin, että tollanen t-paita farkkutyyli sitä melkein riistää. Ja myös toi aurinkolasien takana piilottelu. Ootko varma et toi on sun oma tyyli vai ns. Plain Jane -ilmiö?

  7. 09/22/2012 / 12:52

    kiitos! oisko? I almost never wear any makeup, so I think the pics without me wearing sunglasses are a bit boring… f.ex. Angelica Blick and Kenza and those – they always wear a ton of makeup = good pics… 🙂

  8. 09/22/2012 / 12:53

    I like to hide behind them here in the blog, it gives me a sense of being more anonymous 🙂 and also, I wear sunglasses everyday – yup even when it's raining (I have syuper-sensitive eyes)…

  9. 09/22/2012 / 12:54

    tack! yes tycker jag också! visst, tråkigt… men ändå, det bekvämaste! 🙂

  10. 09/22/2012 / 13:03

    I know what you mean.. but hey, this is my blog, and this is my clothes – that's what I wanted to tell everyone of you with this post 🙂 It was basically to tell you that I'm no Angelica Blick or 5inchandup Sandra… I wear basics! and also, I can't afford that many clothes since I'm a poor student currently saving all my money for a long trip I'm making soon… and then when you think about it, it's only clothes… I'd much rather wear a t-shirt and jeans than a sequined skirt and a pink fluffy top with it – because I would feel like a clown in the latter… I like minimalism and simplicity, maybe it's “Plain jane” – but so what, this is me! I've though about not sharing any more outfit pics, just because I feel my style is so simple and “boring”… maybe I will, we'll see 🙂 a lot of fashion bloggers just share outfits with items they were gifted or with a lot of items just because it looks good in a picture… me on the other hand, I just show my everyday outfits, nothing fancy… just what I'm wearing to the grocery store or school or whatever! 🙂

  11. 09/23/2012 / 10:36

    I think your style is great! Have got so much inspiration to my own style from here, thanks for that!:)

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