I’ve wanted a clothing rack for forever – so yesterday I bought one. We don’t really have 
a place for it, since our apartment is thiiiiiiiiiis small, so therefore I bought one on wheels – 
so that we can move it around whenever we need the space where it’s currently “parked”.


  1. 08/29/2012 / 15:42

    It is such a good idea ! I should get one too…I would love seing all my clothes like that :)

  2. 08/29/2012 / 16:13

    Great idea! I still liive with my parents and our house is quite big but my own room is super small so I've problems with my closet too

  3. 08/29/2012 / 18:21

    thanks, yeah it's great, so much more fun picking what to wear too 🙂

  4. 08/29/2012 / 18:21

    oh that sucks! my biggest dream is to have a huuuuuuge walk-in closet 🙂

  5. 08/29/2012 / 19:32

    inspirational. gotta clean my closet ;D

  6. Anonymous
    08/30/2012 / 14:39

    I've also always wanted one, but my room is small and a huge desk is like wasting a half of it. I'll be getting a rid off it in september, maybe I'll fit the rack somewhere + Marc by Marc Jacobs bag looks sooo good!

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