sunnies/RayBan, knit/H&M, skirt/Oasap, boots/H&M

Uaaaah, I look like such a shortie, haha! But I’m actually 168 cm – so not THAT short. I wouldn’t
 mind being at least 175 cm though. It’s funny, when I was younger I wanted to be short (like 150cm), 
but now, I wish I was taller… I’m actually the shortest one in my family, both my siblings are taller than
 me, tho I’m the oldest. So wrong. Lol. Anyway… Hope you like this outfit as much as I do. It’s so comfy! 
(Oh, and sorry ’bout my posture in the first pic, could’ve been better…)


  1. 08/13/2012 / 18:08

    Cute! Love the sweater and skirt together!

  2. 08/13/2012 / 19:21

    This is so gorgeous!! I LOVE your sweater! xx

  3. 08/13/2012 / 19:35

    ahaha I'm 168 tall too and I was fine until my little sister became taller than me so people thinks she's the elder one: so embarassing D:Gorgeous outfit btw! :Dletyourselfbeinspiredby.blogspot.it

  4. Anonymous
    08/13/2012 / 21:42

    great burgundy top! s

  5. 08/13/2012 / 22:03

    Superfint! Gillar halsbanden massor, vinrött är så fint och plisserade kjolar med! 🙂 Full pott med andra ord! Kram

  6. 08/13/2012 / 23:06

    LOVE that sweater!!You are doing such an amazing job here on the blog, maybe we could follow each other?xx,L.WLL

  7. 08/14/2012 / 05:48

    Love your skirt! So pretty!Loving the accessories as well!Jess xxhttp://sisko-blog.blogspot.com.au/

  8. 08/14/2012 / 06:12

    thanks, yeah I love it too! it was a good buy 🙂

  9. 08/14/2012 / 06:13

    hehe, yeah my little sister is taller than me too, and my little brother also 🙁 haha! thanks! 🙂

  10. 08/14/2012 / 06:14

    great thanks! love them too! for sure one of my best buys 🙂

  11. 08/14/2012 / 08:03

    yeah me too hehe , it's perfect for fall 🙂

  12. 08/14/2012 / 08:37

    OMG! LOVE this look!!!! it's perfect!!! I must have everything from this outfit! ♥ Really inspired me 😉 i love your blog and style! I can't wait to see your new post! ♥ Definitely following!

  13. 08/14/2012 / 08:55

    Red wine sweater.. luv it!xhttp://chirpofmind.blogspot.com

  14. 08/14/2012 / 09:44

    aw thanks! glad I inspired you! thank you so much for following! <3 🙂

  15. 08/14/2012 / 11:52

    love your sweater and like your blog. do you want to follow each other? let me know ;)!kiss kisshttp://cristinasurdu.blogspot.com/

  16. 08/14/2012 / 21:28

    Great eye for fashion to pair these together! I'm happy to have discovered your blog via Sincerely Jules. I look forward to your next post. Next time you're on Facebook come and check out our new Facebook app. We do something similar…xo, Anaana@sociablystyled.comhttp://apps.facebook.com/sociablystyled/

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