1. Ah, the perfect black dress. Paired with leopard-heels and a gold 
statement-necklace, that would be perfection. Link to the dress here
2. Basic grey top. Can’t have too many of these. Link to the top here
3. Beautiful burgundy/red dress by VILA. How great would this dress 
be at the christmas party this year? Link to the dress here
4. Just a basic small bag. Link to it here
5. A beautiful top by VILA. Not my usual style, but I would wear it if 
I wore it with leather pants or leather shorts + heels. Link to the top here!


  1. 08/09/2012 / 08:13

    Amazing bag, and yep it's similar to the alexander wang! (awesomness)the new style of the head is fab!

  2. 08/09/2012 / 08:39

    The bag (yeah looks like the Alexander Wang that rocks!) and the hat ! They're amazing ! :D

  3. 08/09/2012 / 09:04

    Awesome items, love the hat and watch!!LOVE BO,

  4. 08/09/2012 / 20:03

    mhmm! oh thanks, glad you like it! 🙂

  5. 08/09/2012 / 20:04

    I know right!? so amazing 🙂

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