Hey guys! I’ve updated my “links to some badass sites” that you can see if you look up! There’s links
 to some of my favorite shopping sites, and now also to some of my favorite blogs. I’ve surely
 forgotten to mention half of all of my faves… I follow too many blogs. Seriously, probably following
 a 1000 blogs on bloglovin’ – not even joking. BUT, I’m soon gonna do a “blogger friends” thing here
 to the left on the blog, where I’m linking my “blogger friends” – that will say bloggers who’re reading 
my blog, and who’s blogs I’m also reading (and commenting on etc.). Great huh!? I think it’s an
awesome idea. I’ll do that soon, maybe today, maybe tomorrow – you’ll see.

ANYWAY, hope ur having the best possible weekend! <3


  1. 07/08/2012 / 08:42

    I really love your blog! can't wait to see your favorite sites and blogs!

  2. 07/09/2012 / 09:02

    Oh my gosh…1000 bloglovin-ers?? Looking forward to the list fancy lady.and oh yep, love your new profile picture! Such a pretty dress on a sunny day. XCatherine.

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