So… I asked you if you wanted me to start posting more about my lifestyle – how I work out, how I eat etc.. 
And, I decided to start doing that, since most of you voted “YES”. Today, I’ll start by letting you in on the basics…
I powerwalk 30-60 minutes 5 times a week (at least, or I try to). 
I do this mostly in mornings, after breakfast. I would like to go on powerwalks before breakfast,  
BUT, I’m superweak in my body and tired before breakfast – so I really have to get something 
in my system before going out on my powerwalk… Where I powerwalk? Mostly on a 
runningtrack in the forest, since it’s a soft ground to powerwalk on and pretty “hilly”. 
I walk as fast as I can, and I try to focus on really getting the most out of my powerwalk 
(=tired ass and tired legs afterwards, and a sweat, ofc). 
I go to the gym 2-4 times a week. 
At the gym I always warm up for 15-40 minutes (15-30 if I’m gonna work out my abs/back/upper body 
muscles, and 30-40 minutes if I’m gonna work out my legs/ass, since I have a knee-injury and very weak 
knees, and I really need to get them warm before I do anything… otherwise they’ll hurt like hell…). I warm 
up on the crosstrainer, rowing machine and exercise bike. Sometimes I powerwalk 
to the gym – and then that’s the warm-up. 
I try to eat at least 5 small meals a day, 
with two protein-shakes in between. 
I don’t eat gluten, sugar, meat nor carbs (not a lot of them anyway). I consider myself a 
semi-vegetarian, which means I don’t eat “regular” meat, BUT, I allow myself to eat fish when 
I feel like it (I’m a big fan of sushi and the Swedish dish “Skagenröra” that contains shrimp). 
I’ve also become lactose-intolerant, but since Finland has a lot of great lactose-free products, 
I can eat almost any kind of milk-product anyway. I recently read that an active woman 
should eat 20-30 grams of protein 5 times a day – so I try to eat a lot of proteins (hey, 2 
protein-shakes a day = 2x 20g, + I eat lots of eggs, cottage cheese etc.). 
So, there’s the basics… On wednesday I’m gonna do a post showing pics of what I usually eat during a day. 

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