I’m going to this “thing” in 3 weeks and need a dress for it. I have one dress I could wear, 
a blue, floppy kind of one bought at Nordstrom last year (it’s cobolt-blue, and Lauren 
Conrad-ish = something I think she would wear) – but, then I would need to wear a free-bra 
(cuz the back needs to be clear), and I’m not sure the free-bra would stay in place since the 
dress is kind of “loose”… So, thinking about buying a new one instead. 
These 10 dresses in the pic above are my top ten, and guess what, they’re all from Asos 
(they seriously have the best collection of dresses on the internet, and trust me, I’ve searched 
through a lot of webshops the last couple of days). I’m though having a really hard time 
figuring out which ONE I’m gonna buy and wear to this occasion… 
So, I’m asking you guys. Any ideas? Got a favorite? Opinions on which one of these I 
should buy? You can see my dress-style, right..? Lol… Short, with a cute or sexy twist to it – 
yup, my kinda dress. And hey, about shoes… I’m thinking about wearing a pair of 15cm 
(5.9 inches) black, platform pumps in leather – and they will surely go with any of these dresses..!


  1. 05/15/2012 / 15:14

    Love the first 4 on the top row, the purple one is gorgeous but!Ruth xxxx

  2. 05/15/2012 / 16:56

    Beautiful! We love the 3th and 4th one!You can join our giveaway if you want.<3

  3. 05/15/2012 / 18:22

    I just got the 1st one yesterday for my graduation! Almost got number 4 and 7 but settled on the simplest one :)xoxoThorunnwww.double-pizzazz.com

  4. 05/15/2012 / 19:39

    yeah it's really pretty 🙂

  5. 05/15/2012 / 19:39

    yeah sure, I'll check it out 🙂

  6. 05/15/2012 / 19:39

    oh you did? is it good on? 🙂

  7. 05/23/2012 / 03:05

    It fits amazingly, if u have instagram u can see it @thorunnivarsIm in love with it, just a little seethrough though

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