Hey guys, what’s up? Any plans for the weekend?
It’s friday and I’m free – from school, work, everything. Awesomeness. I spent the morning watching some tv-shows 
(Jersey Shore and The Vampire Diaries), then I went out on a long powerwalk in the sun, and now I’m sitting by the 
computer drinking some afternoon coffee. 
Aah, on tuesday we’re finally going on our vacay to Dubai. So much looking forward to that! 
So, this weekend I’ll be packing, and planning the trip. We’re thinking about going to Abu Dhabi 
for a day while we’re in Dubai, because my bf (hos obsessed with cars) wanna go to the “Ferrari 
world” that’s in Abu Dhabi. Other than that – no plans for the vacay. Soo gotta take care of that..!
Anyway, hope ur having a great friday! <3


  1. 03/23/2012 / 15:32

    fin bloggkika gärna in min blogg och släng gärna in en kommentar , kram 🙂

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